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Process:                                   Plating Window          Standard

Rack & Barrel Zinc                                14"L x  34"W  x  42"D              ASTM B633
     Clear Trivalent Chromate
     Yellow Trivalent Chromate

Rack & Barrel Tin                                  12"L  x  30"W  x  20"D             ASTM B545

Rack & Barrel Silver                              12"L  x  30"W  x  20"D             ASTM B700

Rack & Barrel Black Oxide                   30"L  x  36"W  x  30"D            ASTM D769     Mil-Dtl-13924

Electroless Nickel                                   23"L  x  26"W  x  30"D            ASTM B733

Passivation on Stainless Steel              32"L  x  68"W  x  64"D            ASTM A967
     Type 7, Citric acid

Specialized Aerospace cleaning           40"L  x  90"W  x  90"D           Per individual specification
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